Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ongoing needs

If you have run out of sewing projects, here are a few more that you can do:

Soft "Busy" Books
As a means of physical therapy and rehabilitation, stroke victims at Pinnacle Health area hospitals are in need of cloth books with various "busy" pages--a button page, a zip page, a snap page, a buckle page, a velcro page, a tie/shoelace page, and a hook-and-eye page. Please keep in mind that the recipients of these books will be senior citizens, and the larger the accessories, the better. The book must be washable, so please make sure you sew the accessories on securely. Total needed: 12

Small Drawstring Bags
When a family loses a little one at the Hershey Medical Center pediatric unit, the child's hand is cast in a mold, the mold is placed in a drawstring fabric gift bag, and then given to the family as a keepsake. The bag can be most any dimensions, as long as it is small: 6.5" x 7.5" or 11" square--these are just a couple of examples of acceptable dimensions. The fabric should ideally, but not necessarily, have clouds,stars, or hearts in the pattern. Total needed: 100

Need More Sewers and Cutters
Also, we need more sewers and cutters! You don't have to be able to sew to help us, we need people to cut pieces out, too. So don't forget to ask around and see if anyone would like to help us either in the group setting, or at their own home and then drop their pieces off. How about putting the request in your church bulletin? Or your bulletin board at work? Thanks!

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