About Us

Sewin' Sisters Sowing was created May 1, 2006 by the extraordinary vision of our founder, Marcellene Currens. Marcellene is a sewing instructor, and created a sewing recital for her students. Her theory was that, just as music students or dance students have a recital to showcase their talents, so those who sew needed a venue to showcase their creations. After the recital, there was a very strong desire to keep the camraderie going, and Sewin' Sisters was born.

We exist to serve those in need in the greater Harrisburg community. It is our belief that we don't need to and shouldn't look far to be of service to those in need. We (mainly Marcellene) began talking to various local ministries and organizations about the types of soft goods they needed. Many organizations were shocked; they'd never had an offer like that before, and most didn't know how to respond. Some gave our offer some thought, and got back to us with their needs. Salvation Army knew exactly what they needed immediately.

We have sewn for several organizations over the years. Salvation Army has received the bulk of our efforts, and has been our greatest supporter. We have been more than happy to help them with their various needs, from helping them with over a quarter of the blankets needed for their 3,000 blanket drive last winter, to helping them create over 200 tote bags every summer for their summer camps--the list is endless. As of this month, we have sewn over 19 thousand items for those in need in our four years of existence.

What has been a delightful surprise for all of us is how much spiritual growth we have all experienced as individuals since we have been a part of Sewin' Sisters. We have found it easier to pray aloud from time to time as we sew the items; we have always done it quietly, but we are becoming more confident in this regard. We are sharing more and more how He has blessed us in our personal lives, sometimes as a direct result of our involvement with Sewin' Sisters.

We are so diverse. We are of all ages, all denominations, and many ethnicities. Some of us are new to sewing, some have been sewing for decades. Some of us are retired; some of us work, both part time and full time. Some of us still have children at home; some of us have grown children, and we are even grandparents. Yet we have some commonalities. Surprisingly, we have all been in supervisory positions of one sort or another in our lives. More importantly, we all have the desire to be used to be a blessing in the lives of others.

We have seen incredible miracles. The 19,000+ items we have sewn have been created from primarily donated fabric; that in and of itself is a miracle! We have been meeting in a small apartment for all these years, invading the personal space of Marcellene, her husband Art, and their adult son, Stephen (who has Downs, bipolar disorder, OCD, just to mention a few of his conditions). Consider how much of an imposition it has been to store, cut and sew all of those tens of thousands of yards of fabric in their 2 bedroom, one bathroom apartment! We are praying for a miracle for them, but in the meantime, we have seen a miracle in our midst.

Marcellene Currens is an ordained minister, and the founder of Sewin' Sisters Sowing, Sew Much for Charity, and Our Sewing Recital. She is passionate about teaching sewing to adults and children. Sewing was the very first profession, and Marcellene is thrilled God has allowed her to make her passion her profession. Her ministry is primarily to women who are hurting and who really just need someone to listen to them, and love them. Enjoy the blog!

Mission Statement
Sewin' Sisters Sowing is an organization of interracial, interfaith, and intergenerational folks who want to help meet the needs of the neglected in their local Harrisburg, Pennsylvania community through sewing and prayer.


Sewing - The Oldest Profession
"And the eyes of them both [Adam and Eve] were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons." - Genesis 3:7

Filled With Skills
"He has filled them with skill to perform every work of an engraver and of a designer and of an embroiderer, in blue and in purple and in scarlet material, and in fine linen, and of a weaver, as performers of every work and makers of designs." -Exodus 35:35

There is a Time to Sew!
Did you know the Bible says there is a time to sew? "A time to rend, and a time to sew . . ." -Ecclesiastes 3:7

We Are Our Brother's Keeper (Genesis 4:9)
It is our passion and our heart's desire to be a blessing and a presence in our local community. We are self-supported, giving our own time and materials in both learning and teaching others basic sewing skills and tips. In the process, we experience a great sense of belonging while we cultivate deep, meaningful friendships. Like Dorcas of the New Testament (Acts 9) we look for ways to sew much needed items for those around us.