Sunday, August 19, 2007

Light House Street Ministries

Our August 18th sewing circle benefited Light House Street Ministries. They need baby and toddler blankets, all sizes, to keep the little ones warm when they are outside in their strollers. The founder of this ministry joined us at 11:30 AM on August 18th to tell us about her VERY unique calling to help a forgotten and ignored group of women and their children whose needs are enormous. We were all very moved by the work this lady does, and just how great the need is.

Here is a list of items we donated to Light House Street Ministries: 1 set toddler fleece pants and matching hat, 1 child’s crocheted hat, 80 baby blankets, 2 size 3 child’s fleece jackets; 8 adult scarves, 1 child’s fleece scarf, 1 baby fleece scarf, 2 child’s fleece hats, 1 baby fleece hat, 2 pair purchased one-size-fits-all gloves, 8 child’s aprons, 3 pair large child’s mittens, 7 sets preemie fleece pants and matching jacket, 12 fleece pants, 1 adult fleece hood scarf, 3 vests, 5 ready-made baby blankets, 23 bibs. Items donated 161

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