Saturday, July 21, 2007

Salvation Army's After School and Kids Cooking Class Project

Today we sewed for our local Salvation Army's after school program. They were in need of children's aprons and smocks for the kids' cooking class and other programs. We sewed 78 aprons and 7 smocks. We sew not only the month's designated items, but any of the organization's other needed items, as well (and the Salvation Army has many such needs). Thus, in addition to the aprons and smocks, we donated 44 purchased washcloths, 3 baby and toddler sweat pants, 5 child's sweatshirts, 53 dishtowels, 102 napkins, 93 dishcloths, 19 pants-style dishcloths, 2 camp tote bags, 5 hotpads, 2 baby towels, 23 baby washcloths, and 11 adult washcloths. The total number of items donated to Salvation Army this month is 447.

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