Saturday, April 21, 2007

Heinz/Schumaker Senior Center and Local Family expecting twins

Items sewn: 10 aprons for Heinz/Schumaker Sr. Center. Also sewed for family expecting twins who also has an 8 yr old daughter: Twins: hand made 18 slack & top sets, hand made pair of quilts, fleece blanket, 5 onsies, plastic bottle, comb and brush set, 2 scratch mittens, 2 flannel receiving blankets, hand crocheted white/yellow/green blanket, hand crocheted booties and cap, pink hand knit dress, 2 sets hand made matching pillows and blankets, 2 pks baby wipes, many hand made burp cloths, 2 boy & 2 girl sweater and pants sets, matching sets of hand made 2 burp cloths, 2 bibs,2 lap blankets, 2 hand made muscle shirts, 2 stuffed animals, toy top, hand crocheted prayer shawls yellow for baby girl and green for baby boy. Big Sister: nightie, American Girl books, hand crocheted pink prayer shawl, hand made fleece poncho, Aladdin play set, hand made matching shirts for Big Sister, doll, and twins, stuffed animal. American Girl Doll: hand crocheted pink prayer shawl, hand made fleece poncho, hand made shirt, skirt & pants set, shirt, skirt, pants & jacket set, black Mary Jane shoes, white shoes, dressy dress, panties, slacks, 2 outfits with shoes, Mom: fleece slippers, Twins book, $20.00, white prayer shawl. Dad: fleece slippers Items donated 68+

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