Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sew Much For Charity Donation Results!!

Here's what we, as a group, sewed, knitted, or crocheted for our local charities at the Sew Much for Charity on March 15th, 2008: Items were made by Binky Patrol, Knitters and Crocheters, Norma's Homeless Blankets, Sew For Peace, and Sewin' Sisters Sowing, for the following charities: Binky Patrol: 13 fleece blankets. Harrisburg Hospital: 12 preemie hats. Morning Star: total 143. 97 baby bibs, 3 pj sets, 1 pair of mittens, 18 infant pants, 1 crib sheet, 2 gently used baby care books, 1 child's book bag with gently used Golden Books, 1 child's hat, 1 pair of sox, 3 newborn gowns, 1 baby washcloth, 1 fleece pants, 3 duffel bags, 4 baby blankets, r4 crochet blankets, 2 hoodies. Norma's Homeless blankets: 1. Salvation Army: total 303. 25 children's pj's, 8 girl's nightgowns, 55 disaster/relief tote bags, 59 summer dcay camp tote bags, 2 pillowcases, 18 child's aprons, 2 hand towels, 5 pairs of mittens, 11 ready made finger tip towels, 8 infant pants, 55 baby bibs, 7 duffel bags, 1 lap blanket, 15 crochet dish cloths, 1 ready made slippers, 1 ready made towel and washcloth, 24 mended Bell Ringer Aprons, 1 adult patriotic vest, 1 adult & matching child tote bag set, 4 place mats. Sew For Peace: 8 2-piece girl's pant/shirt outfits. Total items donated 488.

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