Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hats, mittens, and scarves for Local Charities

Here are a few simple projects using fleece for winter outerwear. These sizes are not carved in stone, use whatever you have on hand! Enjoy!

Fleece Outerwear Projects Sources: Internet, Deb, and Penny
Adult fleece scarf. 9” x 56” (including fringe). Nothing to finish. Fringe the ends if you want to, curly the fringe if you want to, use a curved rotary cutter blade if you have one, or not, string pony beads on thin fringe strips and double or triple knot at the end so the pony beads don’t fall off, whatever you do will be great!

Adult fleece headband. 8” x 23”. Sew long seam roughly ½” seam. Press open with the seam in the middle of the band. Turn right side out. Sew ends together with about a ½” seam. No need to zigzag or even serge. That’s it!

Child’s Stocking Hat. 12” x 18” and one long, thin strip of fleece. Sew seam. Turn inside out. Cut scissor blade length apx. ½” strips in top of hat to form fringe. Use strip of fleece to tie top of hat at the base of the fringe. Curl the fringe if you want, or not. Turn up cuff next to face, or not. Your choice! For a longer stocking, adjust the 18” length to whatever you want. For an adult hat, use head measurement and don’t add a seam allowance so it will have a snug fit.

In September we donated the following: Morning Star 83 pieces: 22 scarves, 2 headwraps, 17 pairs of mittens, 8 hats, 1 pair booties, 1 hooded scarf, 2 bonnets; Salvation Army 160 pieces: 3 hooded scarves, 1 bonnet, 22 scarves, 39 hats, 18 pairs of mittens, 2 head wraps, 2 booties, 1 poncho, 3 wall hangings, 2 bears, 54 kitchen towels, 4 onsies, 4 toddler fleece jackets, 4 vests, 1 pair child's pants; Light House Ministries 145 pieces: 2 woollen ponchos, 2 pairs of mittens 29 booties, 9 gently used baby sox, 12 new baby sox, 1 baby hat, 90 blankets, 1 hooded scarf, 2 toddler jackets. ITEMS DONATED TOTAL 408

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